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Sambhav Nature Cure Hospital

Near Khargapur Railway Crossing, Gomtinagar, Lucknow

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Diploma In Acupressure Therapy (D.A.T.)

Diploma In Sujok Therapy (D.S.T.)

Advanced Diploma In Sujok Therapy (AD_Sujok)



Name of Course      :         Diploma in Sujok Therapy (D.S.T.)

Duration                  :         Three Month

Eligibility                  :         Xllth

Tuition Fee              :         Rs. 4000/-

Meaning, concept, definition. aims & objectives, development of sujok, methods of sujok treatment, relation between Acupressure & sujok, Principal vertues & scope of sujok similarity of the hand to the body, standard correspondence systems of the hands & feet correspondence of the trunk part above & below the Diaphragm, primary correspondence, secondary correspondence, animal correspondence, insect correspondence system, mini correspondence system, five element theory, effects of sujok, diagnosis, types of pressure & time duration, treatment, techniques & its gadgets, precautions, reaction of treatment, basic principles of correspondence of the hand, basic principles of correspondence of the foot. yin-yang theory, main correspondence of body - front midline, main correspondence of body- back midline, main correspondence Area - yang side, main correspondence area & points- yin side, correspondence points-arm joints, correspondence points - leg joints. main correspondence points - Arms & legs,

Stimulation areas for most common symptoms & disorders -

Frontal region, temporal region, back region, neck region, upper & mid thorasic parts of the spinal column, eye disorders, nose disorders, ear disorders, toothache gums & tongue disorders, disorders of larynx & vocal cords, disorders of mammary glands (aches, mastitis, mastopathy), heart disorders, lungs disorders, liv & GB disorders, Stomach & duodenum disorders (gastritis, peptic ulcer), disorders of pancreas, appendix, naval region, disorders of uterus, bladder, disorders of ovaries, disorders of kidneys, low back pain, hemorrhoids (piles).