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Sambhav Nature Cure Hospital

Near Khargapur Railway Crossing, Gomtinagar, Lucknow

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Diploma In Acupressure Therapy (D.A.T.)

Diploma In Sujok Therapy (D.S.T.)

Advanced Diploma In Sujok Therapy (AD_Sujok)



Name of Course      :         Master Diploma in Aroma

Duration                  :         Six Month

Eligibility                 :         A.D. Aroma

Tuition Fee             :         Rs.10000/-


Aroma Therapy for women


Jet - leg, Travel sickness, traveler's fatigue, mental fatigue, nervous diarrhoea, aching feet, foot odour, insomnia. Muscular aches, Hangover, Aromatic teas, sexually transmitted diseases, period pains, leucorrhoea, herpes, pruritus, cystitis, thrush, vaginal pessary, thigh slimmer, breast developer, aphrodisiac massage oil, A heady, jasmine perfume, eaudecologne, a rose perfume, jasmine tea, bedroom to boudoir, resistance builder, mouth wash, invigorating massage oil, relaxing massage oil, shingles, depression, glandular tonic, cough mixture, slimming oil, indigestion remedy, influenza rub, skin­ pigmentation, mouth wash, environmental fragrance, immune system stimulant niaouli cough mixture, mouth wash & gargle, internal medication for Candida, Healing the perineum, antiseptic room freshener, Nipples, mastitis, chicken pox lotion, children's bath, tummy

ache (compress) child's perfume, therapeutic air freshener.


Skin Care - Night oil for normal/ dry skin, oil for acne/ oily skin, oil for dry Skin, oil for mature skin.


Skin Tonics - Floral waters - Skin tonics for normal/ dry skin, greasy skin, Miscellaneous recipes, rose body rub, facial mask, neroli compress,


Hair Care- Treatment for greasy hair, Treatment for dandruff, Treatment for head lice, Treatment for hair damaged by bleaching/perming.


Hair Rinses - Dark hair, fair hair.


Massage Oil- Relaxing back massage, stretch marks Massage oil, labour massage oil, constipation massage oil, post partum massage, sore nipples massage oil, chest rub massage oil, aching legs massage oil, dry skin in infants massage oil.